Special Order Cards

Special order cards are our specialty

Thank you for your interest in our special order cards!!!

Our minimum charge for special orders is $10.00.  The charge may increase due to the size of the card, special features to be added, or for additional materials (such as multiple pages inserted for a group card).  If the card is personalized with names and/or images, our minimum charge is $12.00. Shipping costs will be extra.

Our Process for creating your special card:

  • Fill out the form below. The more information you provide, the better we can create our designs. When you submit the form, we will receive an email with your request.
  • We will acknowledge the receipt of your request, confirm the details you provide in the form, and gather more information (if needed).
  • We will create 2 or 3 designs based upon your request and information, and email you pictures of the designs.  We will also confirm the cost of the card.
  • Once you select your choice, and let us know how you’d like the card to be delivered, an invoice will be prepared for payment.
  • The selected card will be finished and made ready for shipment/delivery.  (the remaining designs will become a part of our inventory).

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